How To Find A Conveyancer

Posted on 06/08/2022

One of the most common questions we come across is from people asking how to find a conveyancer. Many of us still think we need to choose a local company for this sort of thing, and whilst we fully recommend supporting local businesses wherever possible, when it comes to conveyancing you’re no longer restricted by what’s available locally.

How to find a conveyancer

In fact, choosing an online conveyancing service could prove quicker and cheaper too! Read on to find out more information about how to find a conveyancer.

When it’s time to sell up and move, one of the key services you’ll need to secure is from a conveyancing expert. A conveyancer handles many of the critical legal aspects of buying or selling your property.

Finding a good one is important as they’ll be able to keep you regularly updated and will stay in contact with you and they’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have about any aspect of the property buying or selling process.

Here are a few things to bear in mind when choosing a conveyancer;

  • If you’re using an estate agent they may be able to recommend a conveyancer – however, this doesn’t mean that they’ll be the best or the most cost-effective choice for you.
  • Fixed-fee conveyancing is often the best option to look for. This can help to protect you from unexpected increases in costs.
  • The cheapest conveyancing service you come across might be tempting, but you could find that the quality of the service provided may not meet your expectations.

How to find a conveyancer

Reputation is important

If you’re looking online then check for independent customer reviews on places like Google and Trustpilot and allow them to guide your decision-making process.

Get in touch with the conveyancing company for an online quote or to ask a question to get a feel for how responsive they are before you decide to choose them, and make sure they provide a fixed fee conveyancing service.

Ask friends and family for recommendations

Find out who friends and family used and importantly ask them whether they experienced any issues along the way and find out how responsive their conveyancer was in returning calls and emails.

You may be able to find recommendations from your mortgage provider or independent financial adviser. You’ll still want to double-check that the recommended conveyancer has a good reputation and is a member of the Law Society‚Äôs Conveyancing Quality Scheme.

Look to your local high street

If you prefer to do business face to face, sticking to a traditional high street option might suit you better. It’s important to state though that there is no real benefit to choosing a local conveyancer who you can meet face to face. In fact, conducting business online can mean the process can often be carried out that bit faster.

Search for a conveyancer online

Online conveyancing has become more popular over the last few years and you can often benefit from lower prices. Do bear in mind that contact will primarily be via email and/or phone (which can often lead to greater efficiency) and that choosing an online conveyancer means you’ll have a much greater number of options available, as you won’t be limited to the services available locally.

Google is a great place to start your search for an online conveyancer, and you should be able to get a fast online conveyancing quote to get the process started or take a look at our detailed conveyancing frequently asked questions.