Where To Find Design Inspiration For Your Home

Posted on 07/06/2023

The décor of your home has a big impact on not only practical usability, but on the vibe of your living space. We all want our homes to feel like comfortable sanctuaries, safe spaces that are tailored to reflect at least a little bit of ourselves.

Whatever your personal style, home type or budget, our tips below will help you find some design inspiration for your home.

Home interior design tips

For some choosing colours, décor and styling comes naturally, whilst others might need a bit more help. Add to this, the fact that home interior trends are continually fluctuating, it can be challenging to figure out a cohesive look that’s both contemporary and true to what you personally like.

Some might play it safe with crisp Magnolia or white walls and woodwork, whilst others may have a period home they want to compliment with heritage colours and furniture and others may want a fresh, fashionable and vibrant look.

Home Design Magazines and Websites

Go traditional and grab yourself a design magazine. In the UK, there are several magazines dedicated to home design including publications like House & Garden, Living etc, and House Beautiful.

All of the big design magazines have websites and some will provide free access whilst others might limit access, but head to Google, pop in a few keywords and you’ll find a plethora of websites packed full of design inspiration.

Home Design Shows

There are plenty of TV shows that provide interior inspiration from things like Grand Designs to the brilliant Design Masters (you can watch it on BBC iPlayer) that are ideal starting points in understanding how to make the most of your home and to bring the interior alive.

Social Media

Social media can be a great source of inspiration and TikTok, Instagram and in particular, are the perfects places to find inspiration for your home décor and interior design.

Start by doing hashtag searches for relevant keywords. You can search based on broad keywords like “interior design” or you can get specific with keywords like “boho aesthetic” or “mid-century home”. This will bring up pictures that are relevant to your taste, and based on these searches, you can then start following home interior brands, designers and even just influencers.

Take a look at 17 Instagram accounts to follow for affordable decorating ideas.

Pinterest is perhaps the best social network in terms of interior design and décor and you’ll find endless inspiration there. Put a Pinterest board together based on the room you’re thinking about redesigning and start collecting ideas by pinning things you like to the relevant board.

You might also want to create some general boards with colour schemes, furniture, wallpaper, soft furnishings and so on, or even design and upload your own mood boards.

Museums and Galleries

Museums and galleries are often overlooked as sources of inspiration for home decor and interior design. But these cultural institutions offer a wealth of inspiration, especially if you’re interested in art, design, and architecture.

The V&A in London often has some incredible collections on display and for colour, pattern and texture inspiration you could choose the Tate Modern in Liverpool. Keep an eye on what’s on at venues close to you and you’ll find everyone from William Morris to Gauguin being celebrated – a perfect starting place to get your creative juices flowing!

The Natural World

Don’t forget that the natural world can be a great source of inspiration. From the pastel colours of spring, to muted winter landscapes, there are always different colours and textures to be found outdoors.

Whether you want the perfect sky blue and a tonal storm cloud grey, or you’re taking your pick of summer flowers for choosing some bright vibrant accent pieces.

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