Your Essential Moving Home Checklist – Free Download

Posted on 23/02/2022

We know that moving home is a busy time and it can lead to inevitable stress. One of the best ways to mitigate moving stress is to be as organised as possible. To get started, there’s nothing like a list. Not only will a list allow you to clearly see everything that needs doing, but it will help you to prioritise, plan and keep track of what’s been done already and what’s going to require your attention next.

Moving home checklist

We’ve been helping people to move home for more than 10 years and have used our combined expertise to put together this essential moving home checklist. You can get your downloadable moving checklist for free here.

Before you move

☐ Start decluttering and clearing out your home to lighten the load before you move.

☐ Find advice on which property surveys you need and ensure you get them arranged as quickly as possible.

☐ Research the area you’re moving into and find out where your nearest supermarket, pharmacy etc are located.

☐ Start collecting packaging you can use for your move, so each time you have something delivered, save the bubble wrap and other protective packaging so you can reuse it when you move.

☐ Get quotes for a removals service and decide whehter you want to move yourself or call in the proffesionals.

☐ Once you have your moving date make sure you let your home and contents insurance provider aware and find out whether you’ll need any additional insurance in place to protect you during your move.

☐ Sort out places at local nurseries and start the process of switching schools if you have older children.

☐ Don’t forget to think about box and crate handling equipment which can easily be hired, especially if you’re moving yourself, trolleys and skates will help you to move boxes more easily.

☐ Start dismantaling furniture in rooms that you don’t use frequently, for example cupboards, shelves and beds in spare bedrooms etc.

☐ Take meter readings and submit them to your utility providers.

☐ If you’re renting, give notice to your landlord.

☐ If you’re selling a property, start gathering together information to hand over to your buyers, everything from instruction manuals for built-in appliances to spare keys for window locks.

☐ If you don’t have a private driveway and your new home is located on a main road, you’ll want to make sure you have any necssary parking permits for the removals team to use in advance.

☐ Make a moving day plan and allocate different tasks to different people.

☐ Book the necessary time off work and think about not just moving day, but any time off you might need to pack and complete practical taskes ahead of the move.

☐ Arrange care for any children and pets ahead of moving day.

☐ Cancel any subscriptions you might have, for examples newspapers and magazines and also make sure you let your milkman and window cleaner know you’ll be moving.

☐ As your moving date gets closer think about running down the contents of your fridge and freezer.

☐ Plan any new furniture and appliances you’ll need and get them ordered and delivery arranged.

☐ Use a price comparison site to help you decide on utility and phone and TV package providers to use when you move in.

☐ Start sourcing boxes, hire moving crates and start the process of packing as early as possible. Make sure you keep track of everything you pack by making a list and labeling your boxes.

☐ Pack a moving day essentials box containing things you’ll need close to hand on moving day from bottled water to tea bags and cleaning supplies.

☐ Leave helpful information for the new owners, including things like rubbish collection days, the location of you gas meter, water stop valve.

☐ Ensure boxes have been lanelled with the rooms they need to be unpacked in, which can help save time when you come to unpack.

☐ Contact the post office and set up mail redirection for a few monthbs to ensure you won’t miss any vital mail.

☐ Update your address and contact details online on websites you use friendly like Amazon, Deliveroo, your supermarket and so on.

☐ Do a final visual check of your home before you leave for the last time, opening all cupboard and wardrobe doors to make sure you’ve not left anything behind.

☐ Pack overnight bags so when you move at your new home you’ll have clean clothes, toiletries and other essentials close to hand.

After you move

☐ Make a list of anything new that you might need, from light bulbs to curtains and blinds, there are bound to be things you’ll need to purchase when you move into your new home.

☐ Change of address – services like Slothmove provide a fast and easy way to change your address in multiple places with the minimum of fuss.

☐ Register with a local Dr and dentist.

☐ Contact the DVLA to update your details with them.

☐ Let friends and family know your new address.

☐ Take meter readings in your new homea nd submit them.

☐ Make sure you have all necessary keys for windows, doors and gates.

☐ Work out how to use things like the boiler, central heating and know how to use any integrated appliances that came with the home.

☐ Allow your fridge and freezer to rest before switching them on and restocking them.

You can download and print Your Essential Moving Home Checklist here.