Frequently Asked Questions About EPCs & Floorplans

EPCs & Floorplans FAQs

Q. What is an EPC?
Q. Who needs to have an EPC?
Q. How long does an EPC last for?
Q. How can I improve my EPC rating?
Q. What sort of things will impact an EPC rating?
Q. Will I need a different EPC if I let out a room in my home on somewhere like Air B&B?
Q. Do I really need to get a floorplan drawn up?
Q. How much will it cost to get a floorplan of my property?
Q. I’ve had a new boiler installed, but my EPC recommends I change my boiler. Why is this?
Q. Can I order an online floorplan?
Q. Is it possible to buy an EPC online?
Q. Are there any exemptions from obtaining an EPC?
Q. Are there any legal requirements for including floorplans in property listings?

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