Why A Floorplan Is Crucial For Both Sellers and Prospective Buyers

Posted on 20/10/2023

Having a floorplan drawn up when selling a house in the UK is important for many reasons, and although it’s not a legal requirement, a floorplan can provide plenty of benefits. Read on to find out more about the benefits of floorplans for sellers and their buyers.

Benefits of floorplans


A floorplan provides potential buyers with a clear and accurate representation of the property’s layout, leaving no room for guessing.

Knowing layouts and room sizes in advance leads to great transparency, helping buyers make informed decisions and reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings or disputes later in the sales process.

Visual Aid

Photographs are hugely valuable and paint a great picture of a property, but without a floorplan, that picture is going to remain incomplete. Floorplans are visual aids that allow buyers to envision the layout of the property, helping them plan how they could use the space and ensure the flow of the layout works for them, enabling them to better understand if the property meets their needs and preferences.

Online Marketing

Most property listings are viewed online before any physical visits take place. A floorplan enhances the online listing potentially making it stand out and appear more attractive to prospective buyers and increasing the chances of inquiries.

Including a floorplan in your property listing can give your listing a competitive edge over others that lack this feature.

Efficient Viewings

Having a floorplan available during property viewings streamlines the process. Buyers can quickly reference the layout as they explore the property, making the viewing more efficient and informative.

Potential for Modifications

Buyers may be interested in making modifications or renovations to the property and could be looking for potential or a fixer-upper in order to make the home work for them more effectively.

A floorplan helps them visualise these changes and assess their feasibility, influencing their decision to purchase.


Appraisers and surveyors may use the floorplan to help them to assess a property’s value more accurately. A detailed floorplan can help justify the asking price and support negotiations.

Reducing Wasted Viewings

A floorplan can help filter out buyers who may not be genuinely interested after seeing the property’s layout. This reduces the number of wasted viewings, saving time and effort for both sellers and buyers.

We believe that having a floorplan drawn up when selling a house in the UK is a valuable way to help enhance the marketability of your property.  So if you’re looking to attract the maximum amount of interest or if selling as quickly as possible is a priority, you’ll want to consider investing in having a floorplan drawn up.